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Abraham Waithima, PhD

Managing Director at Qdata Consult and Wellness Ltd

“A research project however expensive can only be gauged by the quality of its findings which is largely a function of how the data has been analyzed.”

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Endorsements & Reviews

Prof Mike Kuria

Deputy Executive Secretary Inter-University Council of East Africa

  • Abraham Waithima’s book demonstrates some simple truisms often missed out in the subject of statistics. First, statistics do not have to be a nightmare, secondly, it is not the preserve of a few elite individuals, and thirdly, that it is a critical tool for every decision-maker. The book is simplified without being simplistic and is illustrated with data that students in Africa can relate to. It is a book that every post-graduate student in East Africa and anyone in any position of leadership should have on their shelves.

Prof Dionysious Kihika Kiambi

DVC-Academic Affairs Associate Professor of Biological Sciences PAC University

  • This is a timely and unique publication that presents inferential statistics in a methodical, sequential and simplified manner. In this book, Prof. Waithima ably illustrates how Stata statistical software can be used to analyse different types of data. He helps the reader to infer meaning and systematically interpret data analysis outputs for the purpose of informing decision-making. The book carves a niche for itself of distinctiveness, as it comes with sample data sets contained in a CD, as well as numerous illustrations that make the book very practical. This makes it quite easy for the reader to map theory to practice. I highly recommend this book for post-graduate students, researchers and practitioners who aspire to acquire practical skills in inferential statistics

Prof Peter Ngure

Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs, St. Paul’s University, Kenya

  • Introduction to Inferential Statistics and Data Analysis for Decision Making is a unique textbook that unpacks statistics and provides learners with an opportunity to practice data analysis. The author uses his immense experience in teaching quantitative techniques for undergraduate and postgraduate students. It is well pitched for students with a firm background in mathematics and those who shudder when they enter a mathematics class. The book empowers the learner to plan for data collection and analyses. Prof. Abraham Waithima’s mastery of statistics and Stata software, coupled with his sense of humour, was deployed well in writing this book. It is my pleasure to recommend the book to researchers, lecturers and all university students.

Anthony S. Okoth

Associate Director Access & Product Management Medicines for Malaria
Venture Geneva Switzerland

  • There is a massive amount of data produced every day by businesses and users which becomes redundant if not well interpreted and utilized. It is said that data is the currency for tomorrow and in today’s business world it is indispensable. This book is a must-have for all statistics students; it helps to simplify complex statistical data analytics, which is necessary for decision making. It brings back the same nostalgic feeling I encountered over 15 years ago as an MBA student in Daystar University when Prof Waithima helped me overcome my statistical nightmare to eventually make the subject not only one of my favourites, but most applied in my professional journey. This was polished further when I enrolled in the Qdata Consult data analysis workshop in 2011. This book is a timely reminder of how to integrate the various systematic methodologies cited to make data come alive for day to day decisions and gain insights for strategic directions. “Hongera Prof.”

Margaret Sirima

Principal, Cicely McDonell College of Health Sciences
The Nairobi Hospital

  • Statistics and data analysis have been perceived as challenging component in research by most researchers and students at all levels of learning. Having been a PhD student of Prof. Abraham Waithima’s, I can say that he made lectures practical with clear examples of how to utilize data in decision making. I am delighted to see the concepts I learnt and which I practise in an easy to use book. With many accredited universities, students will find this book, which contains local examples and practical illustrations, easy to use. This book with its depth and clarity will definitely be an asset for many upcoming researchers and data analysts, or those seeking to extend their skills in the use of data. I recommend this book for all students, particularly post-graduate ones.

Dr Evans Ombima Amata

Dean, School of Business and Economics
Daystar University

  • This book is a resourceful text in applied statistics. The content and flow of the book is a delight. As a scholar and researcher, I find the book to be extremely appropriate for students and instructors at college and university level. The book is a powerful teaching resource for instructors in various disciplines. It is a simple to understand book with very practical examples for learners and instructors. The book covers the most common topics that have been challenging to scholars at the tertiary level of education. Its practical illustrations on data analysis are very admirable and appropriate in preparing scholars for basic and applied research. I unreservedly endorse the text for students taking units in inferential statistics, econometrics, economic analysis and applied research.

Kimani Gichuhi; PhD, MBA, B.Ed

Lecturer School of Business Africa Nazarene University

  • Professor Waithima has written a must-read for those serious about understanding statistics and preparing for successful statistical data analysis in a rapidly changing world. I recommend this book to anyone teaching, learning statistics, and policymakers whose work influences decision-making based on statistics. This excellent Statistics book is loaded with practical, proven techniques that are very useful in data analysis and presentation.

Dr Nancy Booker

Director, Academic Affairs Aga Khan University’s Graduate School of Media and Communications

  • Proper statistical and data analysis helps create deeper insights into what is happening around us and how it might affect us. Oftentimes, that is where the story lies. Understanding data and statistics provides those of us in journalism, media and communications with a new lens to delve deep and through that, tell a succinct, rich and complete story. This book on Statistical and Data analysis is a first step to that journey. Having benefited from statistical analysis skills, I endorse this book for journalists keen to do a thorough analysis of issues.

Researchers receive statistics book from Prof Abraham Waithima

Statistics as a subject can be a theoretical concept. This book combines the concepts with practical data analysis. As I continue to read the book, I have found that uniqueness very helpful. I recommend it to anyone seeking to apply statistical concepts.

Endorsements & Reviews